AC Cleaning in Dubai – Is it a necessity

Good Maid

As the scorching weather in Dubai gets from 50 shades of hot to even more nuances of melting summer weather, the question that strikes us the most is how to cool off. Air conditioners are always the most preferred choice, both for homes and for offices, however, proper air conditioning and cleaner air requires constant and professional maintenance of the AC unit. In order to get rid of your usual worries about the air you and your family breathe, you will be way calmer if you hand it over to a professional cleaning service near you in Dubai to clean it before the summer season or give yourself a chance and do it as your own AC expert. By doing so you will extend its life, and the AC unit will run smoothly throughout the year.


Cleaning it will also guarantee that your unit will be more efficient, functional and with better airflow. Your bills will also lower down, so it is a win-win situation in any regard.

There are several methods of performing the cleaning task. The first step is to clean the external unit located outdoors. This outdoor segment is always exposed to weather conditions, therefore it is normal to be dirtier and to require more cleaning. Outdoor units attracts dust, debris, dirt thus it is always a better idea to perform the cleaning process from the outside inwards. Duct cleaning is also quite practical because it improves the air flow and increases the efficiency of the unit.

The cleaning process will go much more smoothly and more easily if you get some items that are much needed for successful completion. You mainly need a moist cloth for cleaning, work gloves, a spray hose, a set of screwdrivers and a vacuum machine with an attached set of brushes.

First things first – turn the AC unit’s power off. The power switch is usually located in a small box near the machine. Then remove all other bulkier debris, leaves, dust, branches, etc. that got stuck inside the condenser fins and use the vacuum cleaner to go over the fins cautiously and gently remove the debris.

Next step is to unscrew the top hatch of the unit. Then, once again, remove the debris and dust around the motor with the vacuum cleaner after which you can use the hose to directly wash the interior side. Be extremely cautious and avoid water contact with the electrical installation. Finally, wipe out the fins and reattach the hatch.

For the inside unit, use mild water to wash the dust filter and the internal ducting or even better change the filters completely. In such a hot place as Dubai, the filters should be replaced as often as possible in every three months especially during summer season.

Always perform constant check-ups and cleaning and use professional service for those areas which you are not skilled to do. If you maintain your air conditioner in a proper shape, you would avoid any unnecessary repair costs and will extend its longevity.