Dusting Made Easy: Useful Tips for Cleaning in Dubai

One of the most tedious tasks is perhaps dusting. There are not many of us who like doing it and would best entrust the task to a maid service in Dubai. But if you do not have a maid and have to do the job yourself, there are ways to make it less tedious and irritating. Today, we are talking about clever dusting hacks to keep your house dusted without spending too much time and effort on cleaning it.


Dusting Little Things

The key to clever dusting having the right duster for the right item. So let us begin with those tiny little curios we all love to collect and which are so difficult to keep clean with their numerous little nooks and crannies. Use bristle brush to clean the curios. The soft bristle of the brush will get into the smallest of the cracks to clean the dust out. Use a thick paint brush for best effect.

Dusting Large Flat Surfaces

Use a microfiber Swiffer for best effect. Take a clean microfiber cover for the Swiffer and swiff away on the flat surfaces like wood paneled walls, ceilings, large tables, counters and even floors. Your work will be done in no time. Once you have dusted, take off the cloth and throw it in the washing machine to clean and reuse.

Slatted Furniture and Window Blinds

With small space between the slats and the blinds it seems almost impossible to clean these without either rubbing the skin off your knuckles or breaking something. Not anymore – use those kitchen tongs. Tie microfiber towels to the two ends of the tongs and use these to easily clean the blinds and the furniture. Once done, remove the towels and wash them for reuse.

Cleaning TV and Computer Screens

You definitely do not want any scratches or lint on these. So the best way to clean and dust these is with a soft moist cloth. Old t-shirts make excellent cleaning cloth for screens. If you do not want to use the t-shirt tip, you can also use coffee filters. They are also lint free and do not leave and scratches on the screen and are great at collecting all the dust settled on the screen.

Lampshades and Cloth Screens

These are a bane of many a house wives and maid services in Dubai. These can be very difficult to clean without damaging them. But not anymore. Use a lint roller, the same one you use for your woolens to remove and collet all the dust off these beasts without damaging them.

Paintings and Canvas Art

The best way to clean these is with a microfiber noodle brush or duster. It takes no time to run over and collect dust with these noodle cleaners. They are so handy you will love them.

Sculptures and Carvings

It is recommended to use the lightest of all touches to clean these since you may otherwise damage the carving. So use a feather duster to clean these. If you do not have a feather duster, use the microfiber noodle brush to gently brush away the dust.

Now that we have covered most of the common dust traps, the rest should be easy for you to do with a microfiber cloth or a noodle glove.