How to Find a Good Maid in Dubai

Good Maid

Getting a good maid in Dubai is not an easy task. There are so many things that must have to consider first before you can hire the best maid for your home.

The following is a guide for you to find a good, reliable and trustworthy maid in Dubai:

1. Make a list of what you expect the maid to do. Have a detailed list of good attributes which you prioritize on your maid. This can be used in going through numbers of bio-data. It is necessary that you have to show this list to the agency where you want your maid in Dubai coming from for a clearer idea of what you are looking for in a helper at home.

2. Agency’s credential background checking. You have to check agency’s background too. This is important and the best thing you can do to ensure security. It may also be good to choose an agency referred to you by few of your family friends and relatives. Have the best and the most popular agency, it surely that they are reputable ones.

3. Agency’s statistics must be check. There is some maid in Dubai agencies with a high turnover. Many have a greater accidental rate. Get the stat information of the agency and ask questions. But you have to consider also if they have a high success rate on the stats to make considerations, too. Think about it before you decide.

4. Ask for the nationality. Questions like, where are these people coming from? What requirements is necessary when choosing a maid for your home? It is much better that your maid from Dubai and you, share the same beliefs, interests and culture as well, so you will get in touch and be getting well more easily.

5. Make a deeper background check on the maid. This is more important especially if the maid is a kind of “transfer maid” her employment will matter this time as to if she is good or not. Queries on her previous employer will be more important. Like, if she’s good helper, why does the employer did not renew the contract at you? Or if the helper is new to the place, it is needed to check her situation back home so that you will what her origin and what she doing at her hometown to avoid conflict on her work.

6. Have an interview with your chosen helper. It is necessary to talk to your helper before they come to your house. Ask them questions about personal information and their expectations of you as an employer. If the helper cannot speak English well, it’s better to get an interpreter so you will be understood each other and miscommunication will be avoided in the near future. Maid in Dubai can be trusted, though, it is still needed.

Good Maid

7. Replacement details must have to be checked. Inquire about the replacement method first before closing the contract. There are some agencies that will not replace your present helper even if they commit an offense. Have an agreement on this prior to hiring.

8. Had your helper a medical test as possible. This quite necessary in the sense that this helper will mingle your family members, especially the kids. And they will be cooking at home for your whole family. Remember, safety first!

These are just a few things you have to think over in order to get a good maid in Dubai for you and for the rest of your family members to feel at ease and comfortable while living at home.