Six Things to Consider Before Hiring a House Cleaning Service in Dubai

House Cleaning Service

Hiring maids is a very common practice in the UAE. There are lots of people coming from different countries just to earn a living being a housemaid, doing all the household chores and saving money just to send it back to their families waiting back this post now!

Having a house helper in-house may seem like the perfect situation. Thinking someone who will work on your behalf, like cleaning the dishes and washing the clothes, keeping the dust away, and taking care of the children will give you a stress-free feeling after all.

Hiring maids your own way, however, is at risk. You do not know whom you are hiring. But with agencies existing today, you don’t need to be worried anymore. They can give you what you want, taking into consideration that these people have background checks and can be trusted.

Choosing for a maid in Dubai can be a little doubtful to someone, so here are few suggestions you might want to consider before you hire a House Cleaning Service in Dubai:

1. Check the company’s credentials. While maid agencies are growing at a rapid rate, not all companies in Dubai are regulated thoroughly and you have to be careful not go with the first you come across. You need to know if the company has the correct certifications as proof. You could ask if they passed ISO certification or if they are registered under the Dubai’s Department of Economic Development to make sure that company your hiring from is reputable and a trusted one. You may also have to visit their website if possible to see things are correct and above board. In this season today, with this kind of generation, it must be better if we are more vigilant.

2. Know what services they are offering. With different maid in Dubai agencies, they may offer a different type of services. Most of the agencies offer cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, dishwashing and ironing. There are also agencies which offer nannies. Others offer for full-time maids, some are just part time, and sometimes offer both. You could get maids on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Many of the UAE-based companies can also offer special services for just one-time cleaning, like before and after parties, and other big events.

3. Check on their rates for budgeting. There are only a few choices you have to choose when talking about rates of a maid in Dubai. But the good thing is, there will be marginal differences you could take as a benefit. Mostly, the rates are charge per hour and you must need to call for a maid in just a minimum number of her hours to work for you which starts at 3hr/day or 4 it will depend on the agency. It is best to know the rates of different agencies so as to know also how much it cost to your budget per month.

4. Check personal background. Housemaids in Dubai are considered strangers in your home. You must get to know about them and their personal life as well. And this must be answered by the agency you are hiring your maids.

5. Know the terms and condition of the agency. Be careful to what you signed up with your agency. There are things that may happen that are not controlled by our hands. Like, what if the maids will not show up on the day you agreed, does the agency give a replacement? How long will it be? Do they add on for a charge of the replacement? Do they offer for a part-time employee in case the maid will not show up due to illness? You must also know if the agency will going to check if you are happy with your maid or not.

House Cleaning Service

6. Check if the agency does an evaluation of the maids they send out. This is important, so you can tell them what kind of maid in Dubai you had, and so you can give them your feedbacks about the performance of your maids.

There are many things we have to consider before actually hiring a House Cleaning Service in Dubai. These are just a few of it. The decision is still yours. Grab it and be guided.